Crooked Elbow, Serpent Brain MFA class of 2017 Graduate Exhibition

Crooked Elbow, Serpent Brain was the 2017 Piet Zwart Institute Master Fine Art graduate exhibition and performance program, and a collaboration between the graduating artists and staff of the PZI MFA and Showroom MAMAGalerie Kromme Elleboog, and Worm_UBIK.

Crooked Elbow, a translation of Kromme Elleboog, refers to an infamous alleyway in the cultural heart of Rotterdam; Serpent Brain hints at our reptilian instincts of fear and survival.

Featuring: Connie Butler, Angelica Falkeling, Tor Jonsson, Ash Kilmartin, Anni Puolakka, Nicholas Riis, Erika Roux, Eothen Stearn, Viktor Timofeev, and Daniel Tuomey. Guided by: Marloes de Vries (curator, MAMA), Charlien Adriaenssens (programmer, WORM_UBIK), and Nathalie Hartjes (director, MAMA).

Crooked Elbow, Serpent Brain was accompanied by a publication designed by Yin Yin Wong, produced at Publication Studio Rotterdam. It contains contributions by the graduating artists, MAMA director Nathalie Hartjes, PZI MFA tutors Liesbeth Bik, Bernd Krauß, Katarina Zdjelar, and PZI MFA course director, Vivian Sky Rehberg. A publication excerpt, “I’m Still Afraid of All of You,” appears in the Words section of Binder, with special thanks to Yin Yin Wong.

Photos and video by Sol Archer 2017.

Crooked Elbow, Serpent Brain

Connie Butler
Angelica Falkeling
Tor Jonsson
Ash Kilmartin
Anni Puolakka
Nicholas Riis
Erika Roux
Eothen Stearn
Viktor Timofeev
Daniel Tuomey